Another One Bites the Dust

Here’s how it generally works. Coffee. Coffee is safe. Feel like crap. Been crying off and on most of the day. Look like shit. I can put the happy face on. It’s ok.

I’m uncomfortable. Nervous. Maybe it’s just my mood. Breathe…relax. Come on girlie, you can do it.

He’s just not my type. Nice enough and all. Clean, decent. Not 75 pounds over weight.
Not gay, But different from his pictures.

No handshake, no hug, no touch at all. Nothing. No spark, no interest, not a hint of desire. But no strong aversion either. Nothing. Need to feel something. I don’t. I don’t smile. Not really. Not with my eyes and not from my heart.

Trust your intuition, trust it, trust it, damn it.

Now what? He’s not a weirdo or anything. It’s clear he’s interested in a LTR. Or hinted at a Fuck Buddy right off. I say, “Fair enough, not exactly what I’m looking for but we can meet, you never know”. That’s when I should have seen a red flag. For me. To stop. Stick to what you want, believe, feel. Always. Yes this is one of those swords to fall on. It’s your life dumbass…

Damn him for being right again. Yes, take a break. Really, do it. Pull your profile. Good. Chill a bit. Stop obsessing. Can’t have what you want right now. Either one of them. It’s ok. Trust your intuition. Trust it, damn it. You know how you feel. He’s good. But gone…For now?…Both of them…Worth it…Worth it to take the time…Let it go for now. Stop. Breathe. Relax. Live. Laugh. And maybe, Love.

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