Some days sadness weighs heavily on mind and in my soul. The impending loss of a friend to cancer. Poverty. Starving children. Death of the sons and daughters of war.

There are other days. Like today. In the park. Watching and waiting for nothing in particular.

And I realize my senses are dramatically heightened. I am alive…aware. I feel my life blood, strong and steady.

Leaves rustle. Branches sway. Birds sing songs of mating. Gentle splashes of water as ducks dive, again and again. Twigs snapping as geese pull at the tips of the succulent young growth on the weeping willow above me. The noise of the highway fades

The suns warms me. My skin tingles. Electric sparks jump from every pore. The energy released flies into the air, and down into the earth where my body lays prone with palms pressed on the dirt and sparse grass.

The breeze on my face carries the heavy scent of grape holly, crab apple and forsythia. I smell the richness of the earth. I can taste the sweetness of pollen and nectar on the tip of my tongue.

My vision is sharp. Over-sharpened. Pixelated. The edges are brighter than the center of each bit making the whole. The dark, furrowed bark of junipers and elms provide a stark contrast to the dormant, wheat colored grass. Ripples on the pond sparkle as the light dances and bounces in my vision. Laser-like. Too bright.

And I feel my eyes close. Slowly. Gently. Every breath fills me. Charges me. Nerves tingle and capillaries open on the top of my skin.

My whole body flushes with desire and the release of an orgasm connected to all other energy and the earth.

It leaves me spent and wanting more…
I’ve jumped.

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