Tall, Dark Fantasy

Decided to visit the girl child for a bit after work. She’s a bartender as a 2nd job. They always have a decent happy hour with great half price appetizers. Supper and a few drinks for under 12 bucks. What a deal. I need a break anyway.

Left the Credit Card  in the car. It’s raining. In my haste to get to the bar,  I grabbed the wrong set of keys. Which wouldn’t be wrong except that the boy child 170 miles away has the spare from that set. Third time in 6 months. Did I ever get that hide-a-key? That would be NO. Sometimes I do pay a price for my laziness…

Oh well, now that it’s summer I tend to leave at least one window cracked. Keys are sitting on the seat. Girl child and her customers have a great laugh when I asked for a coat hanger. Yeah, yeah, meet the batrender’s dumb-ass Mom.

I’m working for about 15 minutes when I notice a man a few spaces down get out of his car and glance my way. And continue walking into the hotel. Crap.
Now, I have received looks other times from passersby in this sort of mis-adventure. And I’ve said some smartass things in my frustration. “It’s OK, don’t need any help, thanks. I’m breaking into someone elses car.” This time I keep my big mouth shut.

A moment later he walked out and got in his car. Shit. I’m so absorbed in trying to get the damn keys, he scared the bejeesus outta me asking if I need help. As he works on fishing the keys out of the seat, I’m thinking that in this crappy neighborhood surely the cops are gonna come by to see what this wet haired, wet t-shirted, grubby-from-working-all-day white chick is doing with the tall black dude and a coat hanger breaking into someone’s car. Would be just my luck. Credit card is in the bar with girl child. ID is in the locked car. No cop is really gonna believe this…

So he’s a nice guy. Hmmmm. Mid thirties, tall, thin, handsome, and bald. No signs of a wedding ring. And a decent flirt. WhooHoo. I’m thinking maybe my luck has changed. Hmmmm. The fantasy grows. What would I like to do to him? With him? Big cock or not? Never done a black guy (thanks for the reminder my friend). Hmmmm. Maybe he’s attached. Thinking that I’m so horny, I really don’t care. Shees, he can probably smell me by now. Hot tub, drinks, music, sex, sex, and more sex. Sure, I could be late for work tomorrow…

YES!! Got the keys. Offer to buy him drinks for for helping me out. Plan in action. We’re sitting and talking about the area since he’s relatively new here, and I only really have half an ear because of this hot fantasy going on in my head. Ok maybe it shows. I don’t care. He’s on his 2nd drink. I’m downing a third.

So when he asked me about the gay friendly bars in town? I must have turned 10 shades of red as my mouth hit the floor. He’s laughing. I’m stuttering.

“Uhhh, Can we start over? Hi, my name is Rosa, I’m bi and since we’re not gonna have sex want to go clubbing or shopping sometime?”

“Sure since you’re family, girlfriend. But just remember I get dibs on the guys. I’ll throw you the leftovers. The ones who like girls.” Now he’s laughing at me.

“Fine, but if I get hit on at the bar you HAVE to at least PRETEND we’re together, K?” Heehee…

Shit…can’t win for loosing. Do I know how to pick them or what? Tall, black, good lookin’, gay guy. Probably has a monster cock, too. Oh well, at least I made a new girlfriend. And got a nice hug.

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