Like a snake she sheds the outer covering that has become dull, undersized and constricts her growth. Over and over, she rubs away the old to expose the gleaming new skin underneath. She works slowly and deliberately, a millimeter at a time, as to not leave rough or jagged pieces. Or worse, tear what has not yet become loose.

Up until the morning I moved in, I was not sure this was the right decision. But I was determined to stick with that decision regardless of how unsure I felt.

I’ve been in the “new” house for a week. Totally and completely alone, but not lonely.

He is right. There is a lot of love in the house. And I hear laughter. The presence here is strong and steady. Not overwhelming. Not crushing or limiting. A soothing energy washes over me as I observe all that’s here. It’s almost as if the house is accepting me…allowing me to incorporate myself in all it holds.

I watch the movement of light and shadow through the various windows. Deciding which plants will grow where. What pictures to hang. Where to move furniture. What to keep and what to move to the garage. Making a list of what needs to be done.

The bedroom is done to my satisfaction. It’s light and open and airy. Plants and a few pictures of women adorn the walls. A Sensual Sanctuary

The kitchen is arranged to my eating habits. Nourishment

The living/dining room is comfortable. The view of the Peak is stunning in the late afternoon as the sun streams through the west facing windows. Family, Friends, Community
Light in the morning floods the dining area from the French doors. I sketch in the morning light. Creativity

The yard is mowed. Some weeds pulled. I noticed the first ripe grapes today. And from a vine only a year old. Odd, the rest are not nearly ready to eat. The white bloom graces the dark purple skin. Beautiful. Small, but sweet. They must have ripened as a welcoming treat just for me. This week I will begin weeding the garden. The hot tub is a warm coccoon were I cloud watch. Relaxation and Inspiration

The study, bedrooms, family room will have to wait. Don’t much feel like working. And my oldest and his fiancée won’t be here for over a week. No hurry. The house requires a deliberate patience from me.

At night I sit in the dark and look out through the open French doors into the yard feeling the cool breeze, and listening for sounds. No creaking, groaning or moaning. The faint noise of a train in the distance.
I’m quiet, peaceful, serene.

My meditations have been unusually long and deep. At last. Peace…

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One Response to Shedding

  1. Rosa says:

    Oh Gene, you have no idea how much I miss your house. Can you believe it’s been over a year since I moved out? And more than a couple since we first met. Yum, such warm memories. Soaking in a hot tub under clear Colorado skies; the harvest…omg…the harvest (that is one I’ll never forget); dancing in the yard, the kitchen, the living room, under the moonlight in the hot tub, you know how much I still Love dancing with you; sexy pictures *giggles*; endless bottles 1554, Peach Mead (been saving a bottle for you and I to share – your birthday/my one year anniversary here) and shots of tequila thrown in; Sake and Sushi at Juns; tumbling off the couch downstairs in mad abandon, dosing off together in the middle of the day, safe and secure in your arms; the belt I left in the overstuffed chair after our first real “date” at the Comedy Club; Willie the Rooster meets Suzelle *roars with laughter*; I seem to remember a bj or two or three…teehee.

    After you left for California and then on to Hawaii, well….there was much comfort for me in your presence and your belongings there. It was safe haven when I needed it most.

    And as always, *smiles fondly* you were certainly right about the benefits of a hot tub and a single woman. *winks*

    I just wanted to tell you…don’t know why it seems important today….even tho that house now belongs to someone else, I left Love there too, Gene. Not just the Love I have for you my cherished friend, but the Love that grew between Scott and I also lingers. It’s playful and joyful and easy. *smiles*

    Thank you my friend, for continuing to be so very generous and gracious. For always understanding. For accepting me wholly. For being Loving. For offering caring, friendship and Love between us.

    Always Love & Light



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