Still Crazy After All These Years

My angst and short tempter yesterday was finally relieved by the arrival of a grade school friend and her husband. They’re here for a quick 3 day visit before heading to the mountain town of Breckenridge.

It’s been 10 years since they were last here on vacation. And 15 years since I was back to NJ to visit her. We’re known each other since we were 11. It was an instant bond and Love at first sight between us. We were absolutely inseparable the next 11 years.

Can hardly believe we’ve stayed in touch 38 years.
38 years? Whew, where the hell does the time go? Shit, does that make me feel old or what? Not in the least.

I love being able to pick up like we were still in school together. We used to talk of boyfriends, hairdos, sneaking out of the house, and our pain in the ass parents. Now, talk has changed to the pain in the ass children, aging parents, gray hair covering dye, and the best online porn sights. All peppered with crude comments directed at spouses – hers.

Love the tears at seeing her again. I am one hell of a sentimental fool. Love hearing that Jersey accent again. Love remembering all the dumbass and crazy shit we pulled. Remember what? Remember who? We were drunk and stoned, remember? Love trying to figure out who was crazier – me or her. I say she is, she says me is. HA! Looks like figuring that one out will take a lot more wine. Love her smile. Love her infectious laugh. Love re-experiencing why we are such close friends.

Two bottles of wine down…many more to go. Good thing I don’t have to be at work much the next 2 days. Can’t stop smiling. It’s turning into a great week.

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