Aurora Colorado
A man and a woman are dead following a head-on crash on Interstate 225 early Saturday morning…

Aurora Police say the crash occurred just before 2 a.m. when 24-year-old Luis Javier Gomez driving a green Toyota Celica went the wrong way on the southbound lanes of I-225 just north of East 6th Avenue.

Police say he traveled at least 2 miles at 55 miles per hour in the wrong direction.

Authorities say Gomez collided head-on with a blue Jeep Cherokee driven by 22-year-old Lisa Swisher who was traveling southbound.

Both drivers, who were the only occupants in their cars, were pronounced dead at the scene.

Investigators say they suspect alcohol was a factor in the crash, but are awaiting toxicology reports for final confirmation.
There is no confirmation because the city of Aurora does not have a coroner on duty during the weekend. Lias’s parents sit and wait until Monday morning to claim the body of their beloved daughter.

According to witnesses, Lisa was in the middle lane of I-225, with cars on either side of her. She had no where to go and so bore the brunt of this man’s carelessness with a on collision.

Lisa a very close friend of my oldest son and new daughter, Jen. She was one of Jen’s bridesmaids  She was still serving in the Marines when Jen’s brother was killed in Iraq last October. She was stationed overseas but was granted permission to participate in the funeral of a fallen comrade and personal friend.  To see her in uniform, taking her place with her brothers carrying Andrew’s casket was an incredible source of strength for all of us. No, I did not know Lisa intimately. I met her a few times over the years at parties with the kids. I do know this…she was an intelligent, vibrant woman who lived her life with courage and love. She will be missed…
My son and daughter in law fly in from Chicago tomorrow. It will busy week…

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