Basic to the Core

I wonder, she thought lazily while stretched out on the bed in that hazy half state between waking and sleeping. Still grinning like the Cheshire Cat from their late night escapades, is it possible to discorporate out of sheer pleasure? The lingering sensations still resonate through her body and soul.

She thought of those noises. Those noises escape her hot breath during sex. Low and guttural from the depths. Basic and core to her being. Semi-instinctual. Her normally husky voice drops an octave even with loud growls and gasps of pleasure. She thought of how she surrendered to the feeling because there is nothing else to do…Utterly present and trusting. Her body will not betray her…

She remembers her midwives telling her to open her throat as it would open her pelvic region. Yes, it did she thinks, amazed those sensations were still so fresh within her. She remembers those noises. Are they really the same? Low and guttural. Basic. Was childbirth that erotic? She remembers surrendering to the feeling because there was nothing else to do. Utterly present and trusting. Her body would not betray her.

I wonder, she muses, if those noises, those seemingly involuntary noises open me up more? It startles me. And scares me a bit sometimes. That depth. And lack of control. She grins again as the rest of her fades to sleep…

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