revisiting life

This seems strangely appropriate right now as I think about life and love and leaving a space I’ve been too comfortable with for so very long…

We all meet people in our lives who affect us deeply. Loving others in any form does not detract from any intimate relationship. It enhances it.

It is about accommodation and balance. Sometimes it all flows one way and sometimes all flows the other way.

The only commitment I want is for you to live life and love doing it. Life is too short to do otherwise.

I have fears, insecurities, wants, desires, needs, strengths and failings…As do you. To be human is to embrace them all, to live and grow.

So when I tell you I miss you, it means I enjoy your company.

When I tell you I want to get to know you better, it means I find you interesting.

When I tell you I want to see you, I already know it could an imposition on your time. And that “no” is an acceptable answer.

When I tell you I care, it means I consider you a friend and I value you as another human.

When I say, “I Love You”, it means you have enriched my life. You have touched my heart.

Nothing more. Nothing expected in return.

I do not want anyone else’s heart and soul. I have my own.

[reposted in part from 15 March 2006. Written then for a lover and someone who continues to be a close friend. Now repeated for another in the hopes he too understands my heart.]

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