An Offering

To the Goddess Protector of Woman
Who, in her wisdom

Allowed me to smell the antifreeze leaking from the heater hose before it spilled its slimy, green guts onto the asphalt and caused irreparable harm to my beloved Subaru

And placed me ½ block from the auto parts store

And had the proper tools at my fingertips

And blessed me with two beautiful children:
A thoughtful daughter who stopped on her way to work to give me her house key just in case. Who in turn called strong brother to come by and make sure Mom didn’t need an extra hand.

And provided a store clerk who cut the hose to the exact length and said, “No charge. Have a great day!”

And the same daughter who comp’d Mom a very large frozen Marg along with supper at the hotel where she works, when the job was done.

I light incense and candles in your honor for your infinite wisdom and the blessings of wonderful children..

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