Moving Along

How odd that a mistaken identity on this place brought us together.

You taught me more than you will ever know…more then I can express. I wasn’t quite ready before. I am now.

Yes, you cracked the shell, peeled the layers, exposed both my fragility and my strength, and held them for me to examine in ways I never had before. You allowed me, encouraged me to grow.

I know you cherish me for who I am.
You honor me as a woman should be honored.
I am protected and safe with you.
Your attention and affection serves as the softest cloth that gently rubs away the last remaining tarnish.
I am the beneficiary of your wisdom, patience, trust, honesty and generosity.
You take me places with you and within myself…places I’ve never been.

You helped me breathe a vital life back into my very being. You have readied me for the next jump.

In the past couple of months I’ve noticed a pronounced change.
You are right, I have not changed into someone different. I have fully returned to who I always was; a child at heart, laughing and silly, wide eyed, in awe at the world around me, always ready to explore, openly vulnerable, still innocent.

My walk is measured, sure, sexy. I hold my head higher with a gaze deliberately intense.
My eyes are bright, my smile radiant, my heart is light, my breath fulfilling.
I am more secure in my existence.

You know, I never expected to have this depth of feeling for you.
I never intended to Love you.
I’m not sorry I do.

The time we spend present with each other is joyful and wonderfully loving.

You touch my heart.
You are a true friend.
The best of lovers.
A kind and decent person.
A very special man.

In all of this…I really do know…I am worth it…And I promise you with all my heart…I will never settle. *grins*

Notes to Self:  Odd too that now, after a mistaken identity, we are roommates and best friends.  Scott, I haven’t settled.  I never will.  You kow, what I know.  You always will….

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