As Much As I Say….

I am running away from my kids…and to some degree I am…they need me out of this nest…but, I still worry…I’ll always be “Mom”.

Brought some take out food home the other day…girl child all but snatched the leftovers out of my hand as I walked in, lol…her favorite…she was violently sick within 1/2 hour of eating…

She was in the bathroom hurling yet again when when I heard her younger brother knock on the bedroom door and ask her boyfriend…HEY, is my sister OK? Does she need anything?

I caught a hint of alpha male in him….my sisterresponsibility territoryyou better be taking care of her…

Yeah…they’ll look out for each other…I knew that tho…but still…there was much comfort…relief… in really knowing…yanno? *grins*

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