How many

Mood: dildos are not a lethal weapon

Take a guess…how many big purple dildos do you think they see every day checking people’s bags?

100’s? 1000’s?? Millions???

Yeah, that’s it…millions….everybody who flies carries a big purple dildo in their carry on luggage.

She only got it ½ way out of the bag before she realized what it was, jammed it back into the bag and whipped her head around…she was laughing her ass off as she confiscated the tube of Astroglide and my toothpaste.

But I did get to warn the youngish guy there was some really personal girl stuff in there before he got it out of the bag. Funny…he zipped it back up real quick and let me go immediately without checking the rest of my bag…Hmmmm…I’ll have to remember that one…

I wonder who got to see the vibrating egg that I forgot about in the big suitcase?

Yeah I got tagged at 2 of 3 airports…but hey…I got the really cute chick to pat me down. *winks* Jealous yet?

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