A Small Weird Thing

The weirdest thing the other day

My real name is pretty common. But I spell it differently. My mothers maiden name.
No one gets it right, many ask how to pronounce it.

But anyways…
Went into Starbucks the other day, ordered my favorite.
She asks my name. So I tell her.
She writes on the cardboard drink thingy.
She steps away to tend to my order.
Another woman takes my debit card and id.
Pay for coffee and brownie.
Get coffee.
Leave store.
Almost home and I take a drink of coffee, turn the cup slightly putting it back in the holder, and notice MY NAME on the cardboard thingy.
Not the traditional spelling. Not a variation on the traditional spelling…MY spelling.
I almost ran the curb.
I have never seen this particular woman at this Starbucks…or any other Starbucks. Or anywhere else I can think of.
So I think this is weird. Too weird. Not only that when I was done I popped open the laptop case because I am now going to save that cardboard drink holder with MY NAME on it. And what did I see….but the one from last week. Same store. With the traditional spelling of my name…fuckin’ weird. Oh yeah, there was no help wanted sign on the door either, lol.

I can’t stop thinking about this…wondering what the fuck…I do not believe in coincidences.
What say you?

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