Earth Songs

I think I am loose(n)ing my mind

I came across this looking for something else I jotted down the other day

forgot it even happened late last night
I had been stretched out on the couch talking to brotherfriend
must have dozed off

I remember…
frantically grabbing my notebook
glancing at the clock
10:57 pm

The voice in my head
a male voice
said write this
The first image was of the Banyan tree from my walk a few weeks ago…its arms spread wide

the rest of the images like a slide show
flipping rapidly in my mind
words coming faster than I could record

And the trees sing:
I am ancient
I have heard
I have seen many things

And the sun sings:
I am warmth
I am light
I am life

And the moon sings:
I am cold
I am darkness
I am light

And the stars sing:
I am the guide

And the wind sings:
I have traveled
I have a song

And the water sings:
I am power
I am life

Many songs into ONE

Musta gone back to bed. I woke on the couch this morning with the cover he had thrown on me before he left for work. Never even looked at my notebook sitting on the counter….until now.

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