Home Sweet Home

I’ve been struggling with the where do I belong question since moving. Feeling like I was in limbo…Home-Less…not firmly planted anywhere.

On my visit to Colorado, I found myself being exceedingly careful in how I referenced Home. Referring to each place as either Colorado or Hawaii…unwilling to commit…or maybe just not wanting to imply too much of one or the other because of circumstances…of putting too many eggs in a basket so to speak. Leaving a door open….

This morning waiting to board my plane in Denver, I thought of that somewhat cheesy plaque you see hung by the kitchen or front door…

Home is Where the Heart Is

I realized that I will never be Home-Less

I am Homeno matter where I am geographically.

Home really is where I choose to place my Heart…whether that be 2 weeks in Colorado, the next year in Hawaii, or anywhere else I happen to be physically, emotionally, intellectually or spiritually…

Sometimes it seems my Heart is in many places and with many people at once.

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