Morning Prayers

It’s been my habit now to stop each morning, to take a moment to greet the sun and clear my mind for the new day. I want it to be automatic and not forced. I don’t want to have to remind myself to give. We so easily get caught up in life and living. Not stopping to see the beauty or letting ourselves feel the joy.

Blue gray clouds hang lazily over the Ko’olau mountains to the east. Above these great puffballs, thin wisps stretch across the sky. As I watched, they turned from a deep red orange to gold, and then silvery white against a blue jean sky as the light of the rising sun catches the underside. The sun lingered behind these great puffs, illuminating the thinner edges in light…a golden halo.

Silently I thank that which is greater than I, for a bounty of gifts.

Family and friends. Shelter and nourishment. Ability in body and mind.

May I be loving

May I be peaceful

May I be kind

May I be loving

May I be understanding

May I be patient

May I be loving

May I know peace

Love & Light

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One Response to Morning Prayers

  1. Beautiful….

    *smiles* TY. Namaste



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