Sacred Life Sunday – Listening With My Heart

Sacred Life Sunday

There is a window that opens from one heart to another. ~Rumi~

My goal this week was to practice listening. More specifically, to listen with my heart, without expectations, and to not twist what was said into a fantasy of what I thought I wanted to hear…

It wasn’t about finding some hidden truth or discovering some higher state of awareness. It was about the act of giving myself wholly to the moment when one imparts their truths to me.

It didn’t start out for any other reason than I have this realization that I sometimes talk over people. Not out of wanting to be patently rude, although it is….I think it’s more out of the nature of the exchange itself. Especially if it’s thought provoking. Stimulating. Exciting. The justifications are unnecessary. The reason absolutely unimportant.

What I found…and maybe that’s the hidden truth, the higher state of awareness…I found when I listen with my heart, others readily give theirs. What I found was a whole lotta Love.

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One Response to Sacred Life Sunday – Listening With My Heart

  1. amen to that last especially…

    I love this series of posts each week. It is a lovely way to focus oneself. *big hugs* Aloha!

    Aloha GW! Yes, I’m enjoying this as a way of tuning myself. *big smootches*



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