for only a morsel

i have so much in my head right now…i am so much in my head right now.
the noise hasn’t come back but at the same time there is a thin veil obscuring my vision and clarity of thought. the flame is flickering but too low…i need an intense searing heat to clean the frayed edges, or a hot knife to cauterize the wounds once and for all. i’m not sure where to go or what to do. in the absence of having clear sight, i do nothing. like a cat patiently waiting…but still twitching at the impending opportunity. waiting to savor each sweet morsel. fill me up.

Dennis Mammana

Photo: Dennis Mammana

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2 Responses to for only a morsel

  1. margie says:

    the third world crouch with a bob and a HO is also good

    bob who? your call but i meant a sort of rythmic rocking forward and then down and back

    I know bob *snicker* Good to see you. Thanks, I will do that one. I need something powerful right now. xoxo


  2. Ta’ho…this means…That prayer is mine also and I send my voice along with yours into the ethers and say hear me too as with my sister’s voice.

    In short form it sounds an insult in this venue…but short form is simply a very quietly whispered ‘ho! with the breath released as when great emotions let go so that the breath of life follows the prayer.

    *smiles and bows* We go together. Namaste, Sister.



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