Paper and Pencil

I have too many. Is that possible? Having too much paper, too many journals and too many pencils? I have an obnoxious amount of journals. One for my morning pages. One beach journal. Two blank journals just in case. And my new quad lined notebook with another on back order. All are lined. They are all tucked in strategic locations in the apartment and the car. One in this bag and one in another. Add a composition notebook specifically for work. And a small memo pad that fits in my back pocket if need be. I won’t even mention all those sketch books and drawing pencils. Also scattered in in various locations just in case. I probably have more mechanical pencils than the average person. As a matter of fact, most times I am at a complete loss to find a pen.

I know a great deal of people who write completely on the computer. I’ve tried it. I just don’t like it.

I sat on the beach today with Beach Journal in hand and wondered about all this. Perhaps it has everything to do with the era in which I was raised…BCBefore Computers. Yes, there was such a time when everything was written by hand. Typewriters were for more formal compositions and final work.

Perhaps it’s because my thoughts flow more rapidly on paper. Actually that’s not quite right. My hand can keep up with my brain better on paper than my hand on a keyboard. I’m a fair typist at best, and by the time I fix all the typos as I go along, the thoughts are long gone and I’m left sitting mid sentence, wondering what is supposed to come next. Pencil to paper is more fluid. Less interruptions in the flow even if I do stop to erase here and there.

Perhaps I’m just an incurable romantic, believing that there is something inherently sexy about the handwritten page. Even the hand written grocery list is less sterile, less impersonal then its typed counterpart. And that the paper itself is sensual with its different weights, textures and colors. I also like the softness of a pencil. Even a very hard pencil is less harsh than a pen. A pencil is much more forgiving.

I’m starting to think I have some sort of paper and pencil fetish.

How do you write?

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2 Responses to Paper and Pencil

  1. Grace says:

    Rosa…how in the world did I miss your blog here??? I could have sworn that when I clicked on your name, it took me to a place you weren’t updating…and with a completely different name! LOL :) My god…

    ANYWAY, I’m SO happy to be here, and reading “you”. Such good morsels all over the place for me to explore when I have more time this week. This topic is definitely one near and dear to my heart, as I’ve been keeping a handwritten journal for about 40 years now. (I – too – am B.C. ;-)…) And even with my love affair with all things blogging and computerish (I type at the speed of thought just about), I couldn’t imagine giving up my handwritten ones. They’re just plain spiral bounds – most of the time. In them is literally my life….all the things that I wouldn’t dream of blogging about only for the sole reason that they are too private and – for that reason – sacred, in all of their glory and gorriness. LOL

    Hopefully (as far as the gory stuff is concerned), my blog reaps the benefits of whatever comes out at the end of the alchemy :)

    I have to give you props on using a recorder..that is awesome!

    ((HUGS)) Aloha Grace! You are correct. Much Larger learning curve here and had my default addy set to the other blog which I collapsed and moved over here this weekend. Just not pleased with how it was going. Trying to keep three blogs a royal pain, as well as somewhat flat and out of context of the whole me. Probably moving Life’s a Beach here as well sometime this week. Then I get to sort it out all over again. I think. Maybe. LOL.
    I have a few of my older journals that were not ceremoniously burned. Sometimes I would like to take a peek to see the reoccurring themes. And sometimes not *laughs* Gorry is a good way to describe many of them. I’ve only recently become a bit better at sharing any alchemy. Mostly it’s cathartic process. *shudders*
    So very good to see you!!


  2. I still keep journals myself. I never go to sundance or to a retreat without my journal. I keep a journal near my meditation space. I would never consider having some gadget to record my feelings and thoughts in such a reverent place. I take my journal books to the shore with me and into the woods and camping…lets not forget camping.

    But these records of liminal moments are not where I do the nitty gritty part of my journaling…that is here on blogs where I assuage my need to get thoughts out of my head….to clear the monkey mind…to share my insights with the universe…that’s here. I am glad of it too. I can save trees by doing it this way. Even though I find it hard to type at times…to be in the atmosphere of the pc most of the time…I feel it is a method of journaling that serves both my needs and the needs of the land. It is giving up something for me.

    And I am finding myself in a different place with my journal process. I used to write the same things over and over again incessantly. Well…I still do I guess. LOL! Believe it or not, I do it less than I used to. I think it is because journalling this way brings a witness to the process. I was heard, therefore I can move on from this place. Its likely just some passing narcissism. *grins* It does bring closure to things much sooner though.

    And speaking of paper and journals. I love them. I go in book shops and admire the many kinds. But I never buy them for myself. They always seem this expensive luxury. I only use spiral bound notebooks. Silly eh?

    No, I would never consider anything but a traditional journal near my my meditation space either….where ever that happens to be.
    I have a small recorder I carry in the car. I have in the past used it a lot.
    Never thought about that way…saving paper. Yes, that is good but the computer too sterile and disjointed for me. I recycle paper wherever I can so I feel this is giving back at least some.
    I find the same thing….as I journal more, I can let it go a bit easier, dig deeper into other aspects of what is instead of my rambling about what is not and how I don’t like what is not. *laughs*
    I allow myself this luxury instead of nice soaps and bath crystals. *grin* ((hugs))



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