I'm so-o-o tired


being alone
making the decisions
doing it all
being alone
work bullshit
a messy apartment
being alone
the fish
not having a sacred space
not being closer to the beach
being nice all the time
trying to be happy all the time
taking care of everyone else
not having anyone to take care of me
wishing he were you
being alone
wanting what I cannot ever have
missing you endlessly
being sad about it
being alone
my tears
longing for someone else, someplace else, something else

being alone
tired of running

I’m just so fucking tired…
maybe it’s time to move on
another country
or maybe it’s time to sleep
another space
for another hundred years
another place

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2 Responses to I'm so-o-o tired

  1. zenuria says:

    Yes. I understand.

    It can all seem too much sometimes.

    Welcome zenuria! Some days….better than others, yes? Your comment about the universe keeping up with all those changes…I so get that one too. *laughs* I enjoyed perusing your blog. Thanks for popping by. Feel free to visit again. *smiles* Peace, Sister.


  2. Now I wish there was something that I could say that was comforting, wise…helpful.

    I only know that despite the things that bring me pain…life is so sweet.





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