Suce, salope!

I heard him growl softly a spit second before his bear-like hands pushed me to my knees in front of his erect cock…

Suce, salope!

He command a bit more forcefully just before I eagerly sucked his glistening, swollen head between my lips and deep into the back of my throat…


I’m dressed in a v-neck, dark maroon shirt and soft black, long skirt with thigh high slits on each side. I have about an hour before I leave to meet my date at a local brew pub downtown. I’m not drinking tonight. Had more than enough last night. Flavorful dark beer and dancing at a local Irish pub. Good music, good dancing, lots of laughing. And a fiddle player who is one with her instrument. Afterwards, shots of tequila and a riding crop. Shees….some nights I have no self control. Ok, most nights I have no self control especially when it comes to dark beers. And tequila. And sex. But one too many shots left me hastily abandoning my favorite position in front of his cock, and instead positioning myself in front of the toilet in a effort to rid myself of the poison of choice. Later, riding him and getting off just as suddenly only to make another beeline for the bathroom. *sigh*

My hair is up and clipped in the back with a fancy barrette. Curls frame my face giving me a slightly soft look. Jaysus, if it weren’t for my platinum dyed hair I look like her; my namesake, my godmother, Rosa.

Suce, salope!

I wonder what the words for Suck, Slut are in Italian….

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5 Responses to salope

  1. You definitely caught my attention. J’ai sucé tout le jus de votre texte comme une salope. That felt really good.


  2. Lyle says:

    To answer your question, one translation would be succhiare lo slut

    Hmmmm…not bad, not bad. Thanks Lyle.


  3. Lyle says:

    Your definately allowed to enjoy life to the fullest. To bad that the occansional side trip interrupted all of your fun. *smiling*

    Would have loved to see you look like your namesake. Next time give us more of a glimpse of her .

    G’ morning Lyle. Aloha for being so understating about calling off last night. Oh I have the feeling you’ll be seeing her. *laughing*


  4. *grins* I’ll have to remember suce salope! LOL!

    Rolls off the tongue nicely, doesn’t it? *laughing*



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