Strange Dreams

I had a very odd conversation with my youngest boy child tonight. In the middle of telling me about his meditations ( huh? wtf? meditation practice? my youngest son meditates now? ), this is what he had to say. Anyone have a clue as to what it might signify?

He does not generally remember his dreams. This place is where he grew up. He recently started spending time there again.

last night, i dreamed i was by myself walking up lucky 4 past the ranch. i was just walking and walking along the road. it was very peaceful and very real. i could almost feel the wind on my face. i passed three bears and one mountain lion all at different points along the road. they would appear out of the woods and i would kneel down on one knee keeping eye contact the whole time. it was like i could talk to them. i would stick out my hand and mentally say, i won’t hurt you, its ok. they would come to me sniff my hand and let me pet them. then i would move on. they did not talk back.

the bears would practically come up to me as soon as i stuck out my hand. no fear whatsoever. the lion was a bit different tho. he was on the right side of the road, all the bears were on the left. the lion was the last i encountered. it was near the end of the road. he came down the right side of the rocks like he was coming down from the den in the back 40 and at the other side of the spring from where we saw him that one time. he hesitated much longer than the bears and took more convincing. at first he crouched real low to the ground like he was about to pounce on me. i kept eye contact and waited. he slowly moved up to me after a bit, sniffed me, let me pet him and then i kept going.

not once did i step off the road. when i got to the end, right when the dirt ends and it turns to the rocks just past johnston’s old place, that’s when i woke up. it was one of the strangest and most real dreams i ever had.

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4 Responses to Strange Dreams

  1. margie says:

    what a wonderful dream and i agree with Y… sounds like a moment of reckoning has been met….

    the fact that it seemed so real is intriguing to me. usually the dreams that seem real to me are the ones with lessosn to be learned.

    i wonder if in some ways the fact that he was back home, speaks to a need to have that and yet to allow it not to be the only thing… elave it , knwoing that it is still there……

    Yes, he was struck by how real it was as well…As if he was there that night. And perhaps he was. With him reconnecting with his muse recently…maybe that he’s never really left it.
    He needs a few moments of reckoning these days. lol. He’s still very young in other ways…
    It is good to see you. *smile* Take it you’re finding the navigation easier thee days? ((hugs))


  2. gypsy-heart says:

    Hmmm….his Shaman animals from the spirit world?

    Mine main one is the alligator..and I discovered that through my dreams. At first I was afraid in the dreams..until a hedgehog and a snake spoke to me and explained it (of course, also in a dream). :)

    I love the image too.

    Perhaps…not really sure. He’ll figure it out tho….Don’t know what mine is/are


  3. Hey there Rosa…Dreams often have universal themes, therefore they can be interpreted from that standpoint, but dreams also use personal language imagery. For example, if I have a dream with a spider in it, it means something unique to me than it does to others, because Spider is a spiritual guide for me. A crossroads with many paths leading away would seem an invitation to go down one to most people. For me, it is a reminder to stay in balance and work all the projects my soul has going.

    He is going to have to figure this out ultimately.

    This may be of some help to him:

    In Native cultures of North America, a bear is considered a totem that teaches the art of herbalism, because a bear will seek out the plants it needs when it is ailing. Also a bear teaches that appearance is sometimes deceiving. Though they lumber along for the most part, they are lightening quick when riled. They teach about the dream time because they hibernate and so are guardians of this shared reality. They are often considered men in fur suits because of the shape of their paws and their incredible intelligence. They have an incredibly quick temper and are fiercely protective of babies. Even babies not their own. My husband was once defended by one when he was a child. Once the adult trying to get to my husband gave up and went away, the bear wandered off with her cub and my husband just went home.

    Cougars are solitary animals. They are fiercely protective of their territory. They hunt in great silence and may stalk quietly for days waiting for an opportunity or just out of curiosity. They will attack anything that seems the least vulnerable in the wild. People die of cougar attacks every year still in the range of their territories. They like living in the mountains. But most of all, they are teachers of the kind of power a cat has. The Inner kind. Cats watch, but don’t necessarily respond to something in their environment. They are aloof.

    Also sets of four in many traditions is symbolic of the cycles of the seasons and of completing a lesson.

    That may not help in the least, but if you think more such information will help him, you could look up more stuff in a book called Animal Speak by Ted Andrews.

    Yes, all of this fits as I see it. I’m sure there are highly personal aspects I don’t know…his alone, but he as resumed visiting his longtime best friend and her 2 babies there….a close childhood friend and playmate of 18 years…his muse. He is rooted to that particular piece of land. Even when he was a young child growing up there (we lived there for 14 years), he has an understanding of it like none I have ever seen in one so young. We spent much time together there gardening, sitting among the elk, gathering herbs, gaining knowledge.
    He has been having a hard time these days finding his way. I am glad for him that he and her are renewing their bond. She is as lovely and strong as this land.
    I am chuckling a bit at the cougar reference for my Scorpio baby. Very true.
    The most interesting thing he said in here was that he did not once leave the road. Not that I ever thought he would, but he’s just been wandering in the woods for a few years. *smile*
    Thanks for the read on this. I am sending it along as I know it will prompt him to think beyond what is obvious. For me it is a confirmation on many things. *wink* Sometimes Moms just know things, yanno.


  4. paarsurrey says:


    The dreams are very important but these have to be interpreted. I am sorry , I don’t know how to interpret the dreams of your child. The truthful MessengerProphet Muhammad used to ask from the children as to whether they have seen any dreams and then he used to tell them the correct interpretations.

    Before Muhammad started receiving Word of Revelation from GodAllahYHWH he used to see truthful dreams and he mentioned that the dreams are 1/40 th of MessengershipProphethood.

    We also see mentioned in Quran (and also perhaps in Bible) that Joseph s/o Jacob saw a dream which his father interpreted correctly and that dream played a very important role in his life, rather the dream played a central part around which all his life revolved.


    I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

    Aloha. Yes it does seem to be a pivotal time in his life. So perhaps his dream is an indication of a stronger thread woven into his path. Thank you for the thoughtful comment.



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