Vanishing Point

Mother moon rises lazily, shimmering silver in the eastern sky high above blinking city lights…glittering hotels.

Stretched out on a deserted beach, the cool sand quickly absorbs my heat.

Hustle and bustle fades to the background as I tune to the rhythmic sounds of the surf.

Sky and sea blur and blend seamlessly into no horizon.

Elongating white lines of small waves ripple in an endless dance across undulating water.

No perception, no perspective.

Just the vastness of the sky and sea as one.


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2 Responses to Vanishing Point

  1. Sorrow says:

    I know i didn’t comment on this when you posted it, but i did come by and listen.
    Now how strange is it that today, at a friends house, while watching her kids, her son put on this album???
    and of course i thought of you…
    so I light this candle for you..
    may it shine brightly

    *smile* Thank you sorrow, and Namaste.


  2. Grins…nice turn of phrase! Both the inferred and the explicit. *grins* Great tune too!

    Thanks, GW. Can you tell where I’ve been sitting at night now that I’m moved? *G* Love
    Sting….Particularly this album.



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