Mastery Thru Accomplishment – Process & The Wagon Wheel

Since we’re talking about wagon wheels….

A friend said this on her blog the other day and it’s really stuck with me, I keep thinking that ‘truth’ is like a wagon-wheel – the view is different toward the hub, from each of the spokes.

Been thinking about that with respect to my ‘process’.  I’ve been accused of over thinking…yanno, a woman thing.  I personally find that to be a catch all excuse when someone doesn’t really understand who I am and how I process my own shit.  Ok so I am a woman.  What’s that got to do with it, lol?

Yes, I know my own struggles come from space where I can’t get in to the Zen of just accepting what is before me.   Accepting what can’t be changed either in an event or in other behaviors/choices when they don’t ‘match’ my own.  Part of total acceptance…a least for me…is a thorough ‘examination’ of the WHY in my re-action.  Seems to me in order to accept anything as ‘what it is’,  I first have to know what it is.  I already know my own ‘negative’ emotion, my reaction is a product of some kind of fear.  What are the underlying issues surrounding that fear?

The goal is to become more familiar with the re-action, recognize it, and let it go.  How can I let ‘it go’ when I don’t know what it is.  The goal is introspection…not to the point of being obsessive…or giving myself an ulcer or sickness….but to really understand the links…understand all the spokes in the wheel.

So when I look at an issue…and search out that un-comfortable place in my gut, I tend to come at it from many angles.  Because it does look different as I turn the wheel. Depending on the view some spokes are shortened, some elongated, some obscured. It’s not the entire picture…a distorted image of the whole.

The ‘view’ is less oblique with introspection as we twist and turn the issue.  What I’m also looking for are broken spokes so to speak. Where are my ‘connections’ missing?  What am I not considering or seeing or feeling about my un-ease.

I’m trying to get to the center through every spoke, make the connections, have a complete picture in my heart….a full, head-on view…before I can understand enough to accept and then let it go…

You don’t have to understand it…and maybe this process doesn’t work for you.  I’m not you.  It’s my process.  Perhaps I might have a bit less angst, or suffering if I just looked at it, shrugged and decided that what it is, is…but I constantly find…without understanding why…without making an attempt to understand myself…those issues come back to haunt me later.  The lessons repeat.  If I can understand, recognize the “why” now…I can better feel if it rises later and know…know where it stems and let it go that much sooner.

Just my 2 cents…

This vid makes me smile so I’ve included it just because….it makes me smile. *grin*  I Love, love love watching people enjoy what ever it is that they’re doing.  And I love this tune.

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3 Responses to Mastery Thru Accomplishment – Process & The Wagon Wheel

  1. I have asked him. I’m sure he’ll make sure you get the meditation…*smiles*

    And I hadn’t noted Sorrow’s comment closely enough before. I love the kaleidoscope answer too!!! *grins*


  2. 3barque has a wheel meditation that I think you’d be interested in. You might want to ask him to publish it. In fact, I think I will, because its very wise. ((hugs))

    Please do, Shannee. I would really like to read it. ((hugs))


  3. Sorrow says:

    The power of perspective, is my favorite kaleidoscope.., turning the pieces over and over in the long colorful tube of my brain, enchanted by how the bits fall…

    Perfect, sorrow. I love that introspection! And others who add their bits to my kaleidoscope as well. Keeps my ‘colors’ from shifting into the monochromatic.



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