My Cocoon

They spent the better part of the day in bed together that Sunday following the wedding.  Among rumpled sheets, mountains of pillows and endless cups of coffee they talked their darkest secrets of the past, and deepest desires of the now projected into the future.  Not in the way of getting to know each other like new lovers, but a simple continuation of their unfinished conversations.

His great bear paw hands gently stroked her hair, smoothing pinpricks of anxiety.

I was going to tell you this before you leftBut you need to hear this now.

She dropped her head as her eyes widened with the fear of suddenly feeling small and vulnerable.


I’ve sensed a new gentleness about you.  Even more then the last time you were here.


Yes, really. It’s good.  I like it.

She/ Me/ I  wept an ocean of salt water tears…

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3 Responses to My Cocoon

  1. Have you seen the vids with Ben Harper and Jack Johnson? I rather like them teamed up.

    I haven’t but I’ll be sure to check. Thanks for the pointer. We have such similar tastes in music that I know I’ll like it. xoxo


  2. Oh…and love the Jack Johnson.

    My favorite of his. Thought of you watching this vid…and thought you would like them too. *kisses cheek*


  3. Softy…*grins and nudges you…* Good for you.

    I guess all my hard work this year is starting to show. *grins*



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