Yep, I’m missing it.  I didn’t last year…not in the least.  Only too glad to get out of the cold weather, I left before the fall set into the Rockies where I’ve spend most of my life.

I’m missing the change of the seasons.  The turning, not towards death, but towards something yet unknown, yet unborn…

A patchwork quilt of red-orange Gamble oaks sprinkled with brilliant pockets of sparkling yellow aspens and deep, dark green Ponderosa pines set against the ancient, weathered gray granite peaks stretching into the clear deep blue depths of endless Colorado sky.

Sun ripened peaches dripping sweet nectar for pies, cobbler and peach mead.

Chili peppers roasting in great open mesh barrels where blackened skin cracks to reveal thick, glistening green flesh for stuffing with creamy white cheese.

The thick resinous aroma of juniper and pine crackling in the fireplace to ward off the night chill.

Punctuated equilibrium.

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2 Responses to Equilibrium

  1. Nope…Molokai and Kauai. My friend Mable lives on the big island just now and will be home in December for our choir concert. I can’t wait!! They are on my list of favorite people in the whole wide world!

    I was totally freaked out to learn that it snows in parts of Hawaii where the peaks are high enough. Yup total brain fart over that one…people actually ski in bikini’s and shorts. Brain bender. I don’t think I could take it. LOL!

    My favorite things is the heart vortex on Molokai. You just drive right through it on your way toward the southern? end of the island. Winding road on that part of the island. Hair pin turns. Good thing no one was coming when I hit that. I thought my heart was gonna pop my head off expanding instantly to encompass the universe!

    And my favorite part of Kauai was Waiamaia Canyon. (sp?) and the Napali coastline. Wow. Just…wow! Its amazing. So beautiful and awe inspiring and filled with all sorts of spirits. Pele lives there strong.

    Anyway…I’m off on a tangent when you are talkin fall. Yeah…fall is something else. Today it was over cast here. Got red and sugar maples…they are luminous in the over cast light. Just beautiful. Must about lunch time now. Enjoy your day!

    Must be because you’ve mentioned Mable often. No, now I remember. *grin* It was Margie.
    Wow! Never been to Molokai, but Kauai twice now. Love it there. Yeah last time I was on the Big Island…ummm..April…froze my ass off every morning, lol. Was really wishing for my good gore-tex boots and harvy gloves.
    Miss the east coast colors. Not that the West isn’t pretty with their minor oaks and aspen…but no sugar maples, pin oaks or sycamores here.


  2. I visited Hawaii during its winter, when the whales were tending their babies. It was a bit cooler than I expected it to be. I expected that it would be a good deal warmer, even at night.

    I asked locals about it. One person sat with me a long time, telling me about the things that were different between winter and summer. He remarked that these are very subtle things…not nearly so obvious as you and I are used to. I cannot remember now all the little things that he pointed to. It was long ago now and it was not something that I could strongly associate with personal experience.

    But I think that you are right…its necessary to look for a very different way to rest deeply and to incubate new there than in a place with four distinct seasons.

    There’s always a plane ride. *smiles*

    You were on the Big Island too, right? Yah, much colder there. Not so here. Maybe a 5 degree difference between day temps and then no more than 10 degrees in the winter nights. Maybe not even that. It drizzles more and the trade winds pick up.
    It is very subtle..the weather change is more noticable…and then with the rain, some parts of the island are greener, new things blooming. But really, it’s not much compared to most places.
    Who knows what the future holds.



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