Apartment for Rent

I dropped my roommate off yesterday at the airport.  He’ll be gone for a few weeks to the mainland on business.  I was a bit lonely last night…amazing how quickly I get used to sleeping next to someone.  It’s the skin thing for me.  Utterly fantastic whether it involves sex or not.  It’s the magic of touch that keeps me whole.  I’ll miss it when I find my own place here soon.

I was up in the middle of the night.  As near as I can figure I reached out to throw my arm over him and when he wasn’t there, I woke slapping my hand down on the bed…nothing…took me a minute to come out of the fog of not knowing exactly where I was, why there wasn’t anyone in bed with me and why I was sitting up so very startled .*sigh*

I looked at two apartments today.  A studio on the Windward (east) side of the island.  Well, I didn’t exactly get to look at it.  I waited about 2o minutes and left voice mail for the landlord.  Not wanting to park on the grass, I parked in the drive.  Isn’t that what it’s for?  A car pulled up and when I went over to inquire if she was Melissa the women I was waiting for and if I should move the car…..well, I got stinkeye from both of them and a nasty remark from the young woman about how it would be soooo very nice if I were to move my vehicle out of their driveway.  I apologized, backed the car out and pulled in behind them.   She wasn’t the landlord.   They were renters in the front apartment.  I got out of the car again, looked around and left.  Fuck this.  The landlord called me a few minutes later as I was on my way home.   The neighbor had seen me waiting, and then leaving.   I told her I changed my mind because her tenant was plenty nasty.   I explained that at 51 I need to be somewhere where I don’t have to deal with that kind of attitude from anyone.   I want to be in a  pleasant place with pleasant people.   She said she understood, and thanked me for coming all that way.   Too bad she doesn’t live there.  She was very nice.   I think she understood…that it wasn’t the first time.  At least that’s what I got from her sigh and resigned tone.

I questioned my decision on the way home.  There’s been plenty of times I wasn’t in a good mood…was short with others.  But, I’m going with my gut on this.  I don’t want to deal with stuff like that.

The second place I looked at was a dump.  Not a bad location, just around the corner on the other side of the zoo close to where I live.   Plenty of parking.  But small, about 200 sq feet. Ouch.   Way, way too small.  No closet whatsoever.  Obvious leaks in the ceiling from a bathroom upstairs.  Furnished?   A plastic chair, small table and broken bunk beds.  No room for a couch or chair.   All for the grand low price of $1100 per month.  Nope, not desperate enough to bother.

I’ve dozens of calls and e-mails out.  Most haven’t bothered to return them.  *shrugs*  Welcome to Hawaii.

I know, I know….I’ll find what I need and it will be the right place for me.

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One Response to Apartment for Rent

  1. I’m holding the vision that it will be a sunny spot, full of joy and friendship… ((hugs))

    Thanks, Shannee. I really need that right now *smile* I’m doing the same so every bit helps. Looked at another today. We’ll see. Wish I had some additional input here. Guess I’ll know it when I’ll find it.



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