At some point, and I think it was a few years while puzzling over what to do with last New Years exercise equipment a la dry cleaning rack that I gave up on the whole New Years resolution list idea.

Those dammed lists…

It’s not that I find the introspection and reflection and goal setting to be so…bad.

I have issues with most ‘obligation’ even if it is self-imposed obligation.

Obligation is stressful.  What if I don’t realize that ‘goal’ or crap out on that ‘obligation’?  Have I automatically ‘failed’ in the effort?

Better I think to approach this whole New Years thing with the idea that yes, we affect change in our lives if we want.  BUT life is ever changing, we are ever changing.

Ok, there are some things I want to do in the next year.
Some changes I want to see both in myself and in my life.

But I am not making any ‘promises’.  Not to you and not to myself. I am NOT resolved (I’ve come to hate that word).

I’ll do the best I can.  But that might change to.

How do you handle the whole New Years resolution battle?

Got a list?

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