There's no place like home


A typical winter view from Downtown Colorado Springs…Blue skies, Pikes Peak looming in the background.

I don’t see the Peak from my friends place; he is at the base of the Mountain, nestled in the hillside and surrounded by Blue spruce and Ponderosa pine, scrub oak, aspens, thinly scattered, low growing native grasses and fragrant sage.

Even though I grew up in New Joisey, I left at 18 and that was my “coming of age” experience. There’s a connectedness here. A heart-pull. It’s more like feeling rooted. It’s not because of my friends here although that is certainly an influence. I did virtually *all* my growing up here in the mountains. Don’t gt me wrong, I like the ocean and the rhythmic sound of the surf, warm weather, tropical fruit, and kick ass sushi. It’s soft and lyrical there. I needed it at a time when life suddenly became undefined and harsh for me.

But there is a strong beauty here. An untapped vastness with mountains to the west and prairie stretching for miles to the east. It still retains that wild west feel with pockets of Spanish influence seen in some of the architecture and of course, the fantastic Mexican food.

There’s possibility and potential here, unlike Hawaii which seems tapped out. Too confined and confining. Too small. At least for me.

Home is where the heart is….

Click your heels together three times

There’s no place like home

There’s no place like home

There’s no place like home

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3 Responses to There's no place like home

  1. gypsy-heart says:

    I have always lived in Florida, but I would love to visit both Hawaii and Colorado.
    Home is where the heart is…unless you have a gypsy-heart. :)

    You would like both I’m sure. Seems I have a very gypsy heart these days!!
    My heart is not here in Hawaii that is for sure. :(


  2. Molly says:

    Love the photos and the words to go with them. I live in Boulder and I agree with your sentiments of Colorado. And I lived for a year in Hawaii in 2003-2003, and was pining to return to Colorado, and eventually did. It is a heavenly place with a vast horizon…

    Aloha Molly! Thanks for popping by. *smile* Ahhh Boulder is equally as lovely. I just can’t seem to stay away from here…yes, wide open sky, endless views. This time, don’t want to go back…..


  3. Sorrow says:

    As a one time resident of Colorado, and a LONG time lover of mountains,
    I know what your heart might hear…
    The sky calling,
    the embrace of the peaks,
    the radiant silhouettes of aspen,
    a connection that runs east and west
    north and south
    as if you sit in the medicine wheels center.
    welcome home
    welcome home
    welcome home

    Thank you sorrow. Yes, you understand this place. ((hugs))



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