Our Imprisonment

I frequently read over at The Naked Soul.  Mark has a wonderful way with words and I find his posts usually pretty appropriate to my muddle through life on this here piece of Terra Firma.

Today’s post was no exception as he talks about our self constructed “Walls”  of protection.  Appropriate, no?

It’s worth a read or two.  As is the rest of his blog.

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3 Responses to Our Imprisonment

  1. Molly says:

    Hey, thanks for the tip.



  2. tobeme says:

    Thank-you so very much for the kind words and the link. It fills my heart with joy that you find value in what I write. Thank-you!

    My pleasure. More than you know, Mark…even if I don’t comment all that often. Namaste


  3. M:e says:

    Just been over to read…..you’re right, excellent post. Thank you for the link.

    love and hugs xxx

    He’s a wise one, that Mark. Indeed he is. *grin*



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