New Rules

No talking after 10:30. *laughing*

We haven’t been to bed before midnight since I got here last week.

My gawd.  Can two people actually talk that friggin’ much about everything and anything?  Avionics, fluid dynamics, triggers in relationships, world hunger, genetics, the death penalty…you name it…we flesh the meat from the bone.   This man feeds my intellect in a way no one else can.  It’s good for my soul.  We don’t agree on many issues. Issues we do agree on are for markedly differently reasons.

We agree that what is important, is the willingness each of us display to listen and acknowledge.  Not the agreement or disagreement part.

Rebuilding intimacy in relationship is an interesting flow…..I need not try to ‘direct’ anything.  It goes where I need it to without force.  How special is that?  *grins*

Work on the car is going well….but it is hard work.  Find I am using the computer less and less.  Our time together in face to face now instead of phone and chat from being in Hawaii.   I need that right now.

I find all your comments really thought provoking and hope to get some time tomorrow…..

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2 Responses to New Rules

  1. LOL! I have to have rules like that around some friends too. *smiles* Usually its only call when you’ve got two hours to talk…because we can’t do a ten minute phone call. *smiles*

    I’m glad that the flow is starting to happen.

    We used to do this too when I was in Hawaii….being the blabbermouths we are and with a 3-4 hour time difference, it was difficult not to keep him up to all hours of the night. Easily 3 hour conversations. I love our discussions. But I need more sleep even it’s it’s not from preferred activities. lmao


  2. M:e says:

    So……..that’s no talking after 10.30 AM is it then??….grins.

    love and hugs xxx

    ohhh…I so wish he was here at 10:30 am so we could not talk. *evil grin*



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