I felt a spark Saturday morning driving from the bank back home.

Gazing at the abundant and late snow on Pikes Peak, glorious blue skies marked only by an occasional fluffy cloud , the contrasting dark green of pines on nearby hills; I felt a fine effervescent tingling in my being.

The world is my oyster.

Maybe it’s a sense of the familiar in knowing where I am and how to act.

My reference points are returning.

It was rare when I felt that same sense of belonging in Hawaii. No reference points.  I don’t think I ever really developed them in the same way, except for in a landscape view to navigate around the island.

Hawaii? I lived in Hawaii for almost two years?

A blip in time.  Seems so far away.  It’s only been three weeks. How can that be?  It just doesn’t occupy that much space in me anymore except as a vague memory. Weird. It’s soft and fuzzy around the edges. Faded.  I have a recording of my favorite beaches that I was going to give to my son to loop endlessly and burn to a disk so I could listen to the sound of the sea.

I pulled my little recorder out the other day.  And promptly put it back.  The “need” to hear it escapes me now. I hear the wind through the pines soothing me with a different rhythm.  I hear birdsong and hummingbird chirps.


My stay there prepared me for this adventure. Not a continuation of an old life. Another new chapter.

My lessons on the unconditional loving part of life, lessons learned with ex-roomie-dear-sweet-friend-in-my-heart are serving me well here.  I am more unafraid to be that again without attachment to outcome.  To give trust the place it deserves.

I’m happy today.


Rooted in something special.

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2 Responses to Sparks

  1. I”m so glad that you’ve returned HOME. Its a good feeling. Its one that’s not been in me much in my life. I’m hopeful that I’ll find it again when the time is right.


    I am too. It’s peaceful here. Physically, mentally, and especially emotionally. *soft smile*
    You will as well.
    The right time is the now. Shape the future. It’s all we can do.



  2. Molly says:


    This is beautiful. I know exactly what you mean. I mean, exactly. I feel the same effervescent tingling often when I am out and about and the sight of the awe-inspiring flatirons stops me in my tracks, or the smell of the Ponderosa Pines after a rain, or the sound of a raven sqwaking as it soars into the tops of the pine-green-contoured earth that slopes down the side of the foothills when I am on my bike.

    Last night I got home from work late (I am a nurse at Boulder Community Hospital), and I sat outside as the sun was sinking, looking at bunnies and listening to the wind in the cottonwoods and the big fat-bellied robins, and the yummy smell of a damp earth (been loving this rain), and my was it heaven.

    I lived in Hawaii for a year 2002-2003, and my do I know what you mean about reveling in the sound of the wind through the pines. But I could use me some warm salt water right about now, too :)

    BTW, I agree with you what you wrote on my last post—the other girl being the angel.

    Peace to you,


    I wouldn’t disagree with the warm salt water right about now. At 8000′ here on the side of Pikes Peak, it’s a bit chilly for me still, lol. But I wrapped myself in a blanket the other night and sat in the yard watching the fading light and listening to all around me. So peaceful it was.

    Yes! Your view there is indeed awe inspiring. I’m not sure I’ve seen anything in Colorado that *wasn’t* be it Maroon Bells, the Flatirons, endless prairie, wide open sky, canyons in 4 Corners, flattopped mesas, a field of Indian Paintbrush, the Pergatoire River…..It touches me deeply.

    It’s not that I didn’t like Hawaii or the beaches and a never ending supply of Sashimi….I found my soul on a beach on Oaho….but Oahu is so out of balance. The Big Island, not quite as conflicted…still an undercurrent that pulled too hard on my being. I’ll return. But never to live.

    Thanks for popping by and for your comment. :)
    Love & Light



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