Where does it fit?

Where does my perceived and all encompassing need to hear,  I am so proud of you. You are an outstanding woman, person, friend, sibling, mother, daughter; fit within me?

Or has this always been an integral part of me, that constant search for some kind of tacit acceptance?

Where does this beast reside?  What path does it walk through my heart?  Where does it tread so silently as to not notice on some days,  but with thundering, mind shattering footsteps on other days?

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2 Responses to Where does it fit?

  1. M:e says:

    Wise words from Shannee indeed. To get to the point where those things are nice to hear from others, but we don’t NEED them because we know them to be true for ourseves is a goal we all strive for I think.

    love and hugs xxx

    Chop wood, carry water….Some days the footsteps of this resound far too loudly.


  2. Silly woman…its no beast. Its the soft fragile heart that wants those we love to think we are wonderful.

    And we need to internalize that and Truth absent of our wish for anyone else to affirm us too.


    Your answer invoked a flood of tears shannee. You speak wisely. I don’t want to to feel so dammed dependent on that affirmation from anyone….




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