She didn't come with an instruction booklet

Yanno princess, you sure are beautiful.

She meant to tell him how it warms her to see him take time to let his Daughter know just how special she is, not just to him, but to everyone around her.  Deserving of love and adoration.  Beautiful and unique.  Intelligent to do whatever she dreams.  Just for being, her.  Just for being his Daughter who will grow to adulthood and conduct her life as a Woman.

She doesn’t have an instruction booklet, he’s writing it for her.

She meant to tell him how glad she is to see a Man, act like a Man to his Daughter.

She couldn’t.

At the same time she hears tenderness and love in his voice and sees unfaltering adoration in his eyes; She just can’t remember hearing those words from her father. It niggles at her and widens a small hole.

Oh sure, she has fond memories of him teaching her how:  to use a slide rule, to make solar prints of leaves, to work the camera, to develop film, to view a solar eclipse without burning her eyes, to bait a hook and fish, to tie knots in the rope, to make a fire, to pitch a tent.

You know, “how to” stuff.  Stuff that comes with an instruction booklet.

She doesn’t remember words of adoration for the Daughter who would grow to adulthood and conduct her life as a Woman.

No words of worth for the Daughter by the Father.

No words about the beauty of the Daughter by the Father.

No instruction booklet.

She never heard those words of wisdom about Men, by a Man.

No instruction booklet.

She still digs into the recesses of her mind.

She has for years.

She just can’t remember…

She doesn’t know how to patch the w(hole).

She doesn’t have that particular instruction booklet.

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2 Responses to She didn't come with an instruction booklet

  1. Mmmm…Nope we don’t come with an instruction booklet. There’s lots of things in life that people don’t understand about holding up a mirror to each other…to their children.

    But you know there’s parts missing. Call them to you my sister…and the gaps will get filled in. Its how it works…no molecule against us…remember? Abundance is the natural state of the universe. You’ll get what you need. ((hugs))

    I see this man writing one for her…planting her worth and beauty deep in the recesses of her mind…she will carry this along into womanhood….and into relationships to cultivate the best for herself.

    I’m calling….not for someone…but from inside….it’s…difficult…. where seeds were so thinly planted, or not sown at all.



  2. gillette says:

    Mmmmm…this was beautiful, Lady. Poignant. Sweetness in the observing and the yearning. Hugs.

    Part of the seat of my insecurities, Gillette. Not faulting…just observing. I *know* my Father loves me. I *know* he has pride in his Daughter. And yet…

    It’s been a frequent conversation here of late….how men treat…or more specifically don’t know how to really treat women. What do young girls learn from their Fathers? What do young girls need to know from their fathers? Who is willing to do the teaching, and how to do the teaching.



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