I watched the storm swirl through yesterday.  It’s one of my favorite mind emptying Zen activities.

The thunder moved back and forth across the sky like waves across the ocean.  Clouds roiled in a dark sky.  A short tornado warning for towns a few miles west along the mountain range.  Unusual to say the least.  We haven’t had a tornado come down the pass since 1977.

It’s been as wet here as I can ever remember in 32 + years.  Not just the afternoon storm track from  hot air rising against the mountains and then cooling to produce short duration thunderboomers.  It’s been almost two months of each day filled for hours of overcast and drizzle.  Buckets full of rain pour from an angry sky unable to saturate the already supersaturated soils.  The sky continually weeps my tears and rivers of muddy gravel floods the streets of my life making travel difficult…..

The sun is low in the Western sky.The storm dissipates at it moves on to the Eastern plains.

rainI notice each raindrop caught in the dark green, long pine needles is a small prism, reflecting and refracting the low afternoon light as a million tiny twinkling diamonds.

It’s done raining.

I’m done crying.

I need to move along.

I can’t afford to stay……

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2 Responses to rains

  1. A beautiful meditation…and its revealing sadness that I didn’t know was going on for you.

    Talk to me?

    Happiness is fleeting. I am what I am…..not many get the entirety of that. I thought perhaps they did. I was apparently wrong. It appears the want is to be something I am not. And at at the same time….polish myself…explore a different way of doing things that is foreign and so very difficult. I try. but it doesn’t come fast enough. Sometimes I think I will never change. Sometimes I think it’s just my stubbornness holding me back. Where I want to surrender is not where I need to surrender. Or where I’m wanted to surrender.
    Some of this feels like it flattens me out, removes the passion. Confusing to hear, just be yourself , and at the same time….well, many mixed messages. Not knowing which way to turn or step. How do you rectify what’s said and done when they can be so very different?


  2. M:e says:

    There are times in life when it seems the storms will never pass…..hugs.

    love and hugs xxx

    This has been a long one for me….nearly 4 months now.
    ((hugs)) back



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