the nest

It took me back

to a time of great comfort when my children were small.

I would lay on the couch with them…the youngest stretched alongside me with his head on my arm

The girl child with the wild platinum hair curled up at my hip.

And the oldest behind me at the crook in knees with his legs resting on and over mine.

The nest

Their sweet child scents enveloped me

Their warmth comforted me

I remember feeling as protected by them as the protection I offered with the safety of the nest

It startled me when the youngest suddenly crawled into my lap in the space between one bent and one outstretched leg.

I folded the front of the large blanket around him.

Ahhh, I see you want the nest, little one.

Yes, he chirped, I want the nest.

His sister moved away from Dad to my side.

I want the nest too.

I wrapped the edge of the blanket around her as she settled in to the crook of my arm.

I was closing my eyes, drinking their scents and their warmth when I heard him remark with some surprise, You really *are* enjoying this aren’t you?

These two little ones honor me by wanting the security of my nest.

They’ve made me promise a sleepover in my bed next time.

Yah, I remember the nest…..

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3 Responses to the nest

  1. tobeme says:

    The nest is home … wonderful!

    Indeed it is Mark. Nice to see you *grin*


  2. selkie says:

    the nest … a good way of putting it. My children, who are as big as I am now still curl up at times with me in bed. between my legs, under my arm, nestled against my back. The epitome I think of safety. And I run my fingers through their hair and they almost purr. That feeling of safety, of rightness – theer is nothing like it.

    *smiles* Hiya Selkie. You are right, there is nothing like it. And there is nothing like the scent of children. I remember when my youngest was…oh about 15….sick as a dog with strep. He came into the bedroom late one night, requesting a “Nest”. I fully “Groked” motherhood that night.
    “The Nest” is a reference from Heinlein’s, Stranger in a Strange Land. As is “Grok”.
    A joke of sorts between my ex and I.


  3. Good memories…*smiles*

    Thanks, just babbling a bit Shannee.



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