I closed the door

with Joe today.

Told him I couldn’t sleep with him.
I wouldn’t sleep with him.
Not now and not ever.
That it had nothing to do with him.
I lied and told him I had nothing to give.
Not to him or anyone. Not even Muse.
In a sense that is true.
Told him that his friendship had to be without any pressure.
And although he was gracious, he didn’t seem to believe me.
He continued to press right up until he left.

I will take him at his word.
It’s not my problem any more.

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6 Responses to I closed the door

  1. selkie says:

    good for you. What bothers me is his continued pressure. Intimations of the male selfishness grown up.


  2. M:e says:

    That can’t have been easy. Well done.

    love and hugs xxx



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