What are *YOU* doing here? and TMI

Soooooo……I’m not sure whether I am more amused or disturbed right now.

Decided last night we should answer some couples ads on Craigslist with the hopes of getting laid that night or perhaps sometime this week. I want a 4some in my repertoire and I think he needs some strange pussy. Besides, we were dirty talking fantasies while fucking yesterday, and well…..we each have our share that we share. That’s a good thing and I’m pretty happy he is taking this opportunity to look around for the both of us. *happy grin*

Sooooo….we sent off plenty answers with a pretty provocative picture of me. But none of him. That’s ok, it’s generally about the woman anyway.

We got a nice response back from one couple. Like us, neither are married to each other. So they understand the complicated bit. The e-mail goes on to describe them and their likes/dislikes. Sweet! Sounds promising.

Sooooo….he sent two pictures along with the e-mail.
He is his BOSS. BOSS. And coincidentally one of the bosses in my office when I worked there. He was just never my supervisor. Now we know he’s fucked his lover in his office after hours, ducks out under the pretense of working meetings have lunchtime encounters, has a smaller than average cock but a great tongue, he is more submissive and bi, she is more dominant and bi curious, and of course any of the DP/DVP scenarios we suggested won’t bother him, either.

OH MY FUCKING…fill in the rest with your brand of appropriate shock, horror or silly laughter.

I told my youngest son. He laughed himself silly.

No I didn’t answer the e-mail.

I’m leaning towards amused.
Highly Amused.

How on earth do I turn them down without blowing it? Oh sorry, we know you both so this might be a problem. Hahahahahahha. Well there is something to be said about putting head pix out there. Or not because now I wonder…well….his choice.
Had we met on just headless pix? OMG! OMG! Talk about awkward.

Gives new meaning to potential sexual harassment issues in the workplace doesn’t it?
*roars with laughter*?

Moral of this classic kink gone bad story………

Be careful what you ask for you just might get it.

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6 Responses to What are *YOU* doing here? and TMI

  1. Sorrow says:

    You win.
    Thats even more bizarre than anything I can come up with it.


  2. gillette says:

    Hahahahahaha….this is hysterical. Man…what to do, what to do…man…and yeah..how do you back out? I’m curious to hear how it plays out…

    Still giggling..and so happy it’s you and not me ;)


    • Rosa says:

      Yeah pretty funny, huh. He will never, ever look at his boss quite the same from now on. I am in favor of meeting just because it’s so fucking fascinating and it would be a good opportunity to share some of the dark side experiences and kink. HA!
      We are going to write an e-mail stating that I work too near him and it might be an issue….we might run into each other. And take the opportunity to suggest he not send full face shots and so much info to strangers. Which leads me to believe he doesn’t have the couples experience he claims. Or simply doesn’t care when he should because of his position.


  3. M:e says:

    Be careful what you wish for indeed……it really is a smaller world than many of us imagine isn’t it?

    love and hugs xxx



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