Is what trips me.  I want….no, I need engaging most of the time.

Not flat. Not mundane. I wonder why I bother.  Just one more chance. Maybe this time.

Match, Plenty of Fish, Singlesnet, Cupid, Dating something or other site, American Singles, Lifestyle Lounge, Adult Fuck Finders, Personal ads…Yahoo, Literotica and the ever popular but equally sleazy Craigslist.

The words on the page “slip” after a painfully worded response or two designed to catch the eye.  Telling all I need to know.  Engaging is not yours.  It never has been…at least without effort.

I will now don my short black and pink argyle socks, A black lacy padded  bra, VS panties, a dark green top to go with my red hair, button fly 501’s, and clogs with the flowers and leaves burned into the leather that are so “Colorado”,  and engage.

But it won’t be with you. You don’t know how.

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2 Responses to Engaging

  1. Sorrow says:

    I don’t?
    The thought of those socks and sandals made me smile…
    no engage for me tonight…


    • Rosa says:

      You *always* engage me Sorrow!!

      Yeah they look typically Colorado Funky.
      I do the socks and clogs with a long black jersey skirt with slits up both sides too. *snicker*

      And guess what? Ainokea



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