the moment not the day

It’s about recognizing a bad moment, and not projecting a bad day. Breathe deeply and know this too shall pass.

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4 Responses to the moment not the day

  1. Thanks for this. Remind me of this please? Lots please…

    Fuck, I have such a hard time with this one lately.


    • Rosa says:

      me too but this is oft said here….sometimes quite sternly, lol.



      • Its odd, but I found the posts again as I started to link forward again to remark on another post…

        *shrugs* I’m glad they are still here. Its good to see these.

        My fellow says things like this alot too. Usually softly to me though.

        I’m struggling at the moment with having faith in his love…to remember the connections we make and to trust them…that they are still there no matter what…It is often hard for me to make them feel present and tangible in his physical absence.

        Thinking alot about that.


        • Rosa says:

          I’m glad it popped out at you. this is the second time you commented on stuff being here. I haven’t hidden anything. Wondering about your reader…..or this site is acting up?



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