Writing for ourselves

Or do we cease to when we are involved with another?

Does our writing subtly morph into another method of communication? Hoping in our heart of hearts they “see”? us so we don’t have to take the risk of speaking the words?  We start writing “to” them instead of for us, especially when we go out of our way to “share” those pages with those we want to know better.  And those of the heart.

Certainly some blogs, journals, whatever are interactive.  A collaborative effort in sharing with each other…to each other.  Not many are.
There are some of us too who write better than we speak.  I get that.
I like the written word.  But, those who do tend to be articulate anyway.
Thoughtful in what and how they speak.

But really, I think it’s about courage.

Yet we deny this don’t we?  After all we are just sharing, right?  Here, look at what I do.  I write stuff. Now I can *write* you instead of *talking* to you.  Instead of sharing our hearts in three dimensions.  Less risk.

I say yes, unfortunately. We hide between the back type littering the white space. We use it to our advantage.  At best, a very poor method of communication.

Chicken shit.

Guilty as charged….

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6 Responses to Writing for ourselves

  1. Mmmm…I think there’s always some editing on my public blogs. Always. Even before my current relationship. I write to protect privacy for sure.

    And only very rarely to I edit anything on my private blog…and its not really editing…just omitting.

    I think that as I feel more and more comfy with something in my life, I become more and more comfy with writing transparently about it. Its a matter of comfort and trust in myself then I guess.

    But writing for myself has been an issue of late for other reasons than self editing…as you know.

    But I’m working it out.



    • Rosa says:

      I have always been really transparent. Sure I protect name privacy by protecting my real name. As you know there are a few who would read here and know ewho I speak of in the flesh. Most do not. Not exactly.

      But I don’t go out of my way to hide anything. I only have one hidden post. It served it’s purpose as a vent. He has already read it (the long sentence).

      And that’s my point….I use the medium to pass words along. Not for me….in the hopes I’ll be understood more fully. And I see others do it as well.

      No big deal. Just an observation.


  2. Sorrow says:

    I would much rather sit and talk than try and find the words.
    I am a chicken shit,
    I don’t trust even the spoken word to tell you what my heart means/says…
    ~laughing & shaking head~
    see still can’t find the confounded words…


  3. M:e says:

    Hmmmm…..I’ve sorta gone back and forth with this over the time I’ve been writing. There ARE times, when I’m either finding it difficult to communicate with He Who Must Be Adored verbally, or feel I’m not being heard that I’ll write to him instead. That mostly happens through email, but I’ve also seen it come out in my writing.

    There are also times, when I’m writing just to process or share with friends out in cyberia, he might sometimes pick up on something he wants to talk to me about.

    I think, for us, if we were relying on writing to communicate with each other I’d think we had a problem. As an occasional way of making sure something which feels important doesn’t get lost simply because one of us is struggling to either speak or listen though…….I think that’s ok.

    love and hugs xxx


    • Rosa says:

      I think for you M:e, because of your situation with HWMBA and the interactive nature of your writing….or rather as I perceive it….HWMBA knows what you write much of the time. So there would be little reason to write as opposed to talking to him.

      What I frequently see, beyond the “process” is that when I am stressed and afraid of how I want to express myself…or more likely that it will not be the reaction I hope for…that I tend to write to someone to get their attention.

      I see this in others (women most often). All of a sudden the process is a product designed to get attention somehow. Especially when we give out our blog, or journal….the attempt at getting a glimpse of who I or she is, is now turned to….see what I wrote to you. It starts to take the place of….

      I don’t like that in myself as it ceases to be writing because I need to.



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