naked and vulnerable

If I stand that way in front of you I also have to trust you’ll catch me when I fall….

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2 Responses to naked and vulnerable

  1. Falling?

    Wow…falling just isn’t where my fear is with the naked and vulnerable.

    Its the pointing and laughing thing that I have a real hard time with.

    Iliked your last post. I just couldn’t think of anything to say. It just struck me silent. ((hugs))


    • Rosa says:

      I lifted it from a friends blog on that other site (credit noted).

      I don’t care about the laughing and pointing at all.

      Seems that when I am asked to put down all weapons and all
      armor….to stand naked and vulnerable….what is implied…the person doing the asking is also offering to not cut me to shreds, won’t walk away to leave me sitting in the cold, and to be there to catch me when I stumble.

      I’ve missed a great deal here, Shannee. Much more than I ever realized before now. I jsut don’t listen very well sometimes. I don’t hear well either.
      What is lost is more that can be ever be recovered I think……depends on a couple of things. One of them being courage…..mine. And the trust in myself to have faith in what I am asking is righteous and with necessary clarity. Trust in others where I always believed it didn’t exist.



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