non absolute

I was going to say that I don’t do well with…..but I’ll rephrase that to a more positive statement.

I do better with absolutes.  Yes, no, will be and plan on,  are doable.  Perhaps, maybe, we’ll see should be, and sometime later are…ummmm….less doable.

Yes, No, Will be and Plan on can all be changed to something else relatively easily.  Shit happens. But, the ambiguity of perhaps, maybe, we’ll see and should be, in these situations is a huge trigger for me.

So.  Rather than act on the trigger and bag the whole thing, we are on again later this afternoon.

Okay, I’m flexible.

Okay, I need to listen very carefully here.   He’s already told me a few things.

That’s what I know about me.  I do better with absolutes.

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3 Responses to non absolute

  1. Rosa says:

    Yes. It’s all about keeping personal control? I can’t do anything with the vague…..


  2. Mmm…I prefer directness too.

    I can do something with directness.

    Love you.


  3. M:e says:

    I do too…….I absoulutely do too!!

    love and hugs xxx



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