Once Upon a Time

For Hogar

Once upon a time, she would have gladly given him anything he wanted were she able to grant his deepest desires and wildest wishes.

Once upon a time, she wanted a magic wand to wave above his head and *poof* he would instantly have the happiness and all love he hungered for.

For she was a friend and seeing his happiness would leave her happy too.

But alas, she cannot.  And now she knows she would not, even if she were able.

She would like nothing better than to see him living his dreams with his hand-in-hand forever, best friend, 10 cow gal.

If she granted that wish, would it be somehow less sweet without doing the work to get there?

Now, she thinks it would.

He’ll always be a 10 cow guy. His time will come.

She’s a 10 cow gal. Her time will come as well.

It’s just not time…..yet.  They haven’t done the all the work.

Love you,


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2 Responses to Once Upon a Time

  1. Hmmm…NOw there’s a good and wise story. Thank you for that. ((hugs))



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