Possibility, possibility, possibility

Heard from a long time friend and long time former coworker at lunch today.
Call me on my cell as soon as you get this. We have to talk, was all the e-mail said.

Okey dokey. I called.

Would I be interested in having supper with her and her husband tonight to talk about a job with the company her hubby works for? Would I want it in the interim till I found something in my field? Hell, she says, or longer if it works out? Girl, you just might like it. But it’s perfect for *you* right *now*.

And she should know. She taught me everything I know abut entomology, environmental legal work, and a few other things. She has been friend, mentor, teacher, drinkin’ buddy, shoulder, and more. *smile*
So she already talked to her hubby about all of this for me.

Well fuck me running. All I could do was cry.

They need a field clerk for their seismology crew. Bad and right now. Most of the data is gathered via computer in a hotel room. Yah, data input. I’m a pro, lol.
She is pretty sure pay tops 250 per day (OMG I hope this is right but even if it’s half that I would take the job), plus they pay the hotel and a meal per diem in advance. I would need no cash outlay to start work. Except possibly getting there. Work is 7 days a week for 6-8 weeks and then a full 2 week break.

How fucking cool is that? Her hubby Paul is a higher up manager. I might even be working with her nephews. They are on the tech crew and Paul got them their jobs too. They need help and need it now.

It’s all over the west where they are doing oil and gas exploration. Maybe 6 weeks in Montana then 8 weeks in Utah…where ever they are I would go. They even stay as close to the jobsite as possible. I have no problems being in the boonies either.

She even offered me a place to stay in the next two weeks if I needed it and things deteriorate here.

And to come and spend the second two week break off in Australia with them. They are moving there in February for a year with the same company. Wonder if they need a field clerk there for a year?

I don’t believe in divine intervention.

I do believe this is a turning point of some kind. I’m not feeling neutral in the least and I can’t seem to shove it down so I am not going to. I’m psyched as hell. Especially with being a mess all week packing and moving stuff to storage. Crying lots and lots…..hard to stay even keeled.
This feels better than good. Charged and tingly even.
Well, her hubby is meeting with the bosses this evening. So we are doing this tomorrow. Paul already talked to his bosses this morning and they are impressed with my experience. And are talking about me doing 2 weeks with another field clerk and then on my own. Yah, the interview is more of a formality tomorrow, and giving them my resume.

Oh yah, they do work all over the country….not just the west. And she too mentioned the possibility going to Australia since the company is branching out there….and that is why they are moving for a year.

I think I am starting to hyperventilate….

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6 Responses to Possibility, possibility, possibility

  1. M:e says:

    Hey…what wonderful news! Sending lots of positive thoughts this works out.

    love and hugs xxx


  2. Sorrow says:

    OMG! Rosa That is incredible!! Man is the universe speaking to YOU!!!!
    This is so cool!
    I am doing the happy dance right along with you!


    • Rosa says:

      Thank you! I am trying sooooo hard not to put all my eggs in this basket. So far this is really 2nd hand info even if the source is a good one, lol.
      I will know more tomorrow evening after we get together.

      But honestly…this would be so cool right now. I need it. Really, I just cannot make it doing part time private cleaning for 7.00 per hour and gas at a gallon each trip down the hill and back.

      I just want to be able to feed myself and have a few dollars for gas and bills.


  3. Rosa says:

    Yah I am doing the happy dance as well. *grins*

    Happy booby hugs back!



  4. Weeeeee! Yippeeee!

    I’m so happy for you!!!

    OH that sounds just perfect!

    Thank god!

    ((big happy hugs))



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