Lust and Love

Do you use the sword of Lust and Love to wage your wars?

Kill or be killed?

Take no prisoners?

Seen as weapons, *we* use them to kill.

Seen as Masters to serve, we *are* killed.

Exciting but ultimately shallow

even in the new experiences, Lust never lasts.

It’s a game of chess from the onset.  It is but a

bit of playtime.  The game does not last long.

The Master wins every time; taking us down with our own weapons.

Women give sex and call it Love.

Lust is not Love.  Yet, we confuse them in

the blindness of that Lust, that desperation.

In the blindness of hopes and dreams and desires….

Men appear to give Love but want the sex.

Love with the Trust it takes *to* Love,  endures.

The stones are set in place already…

immoveable even by the one

who set them there so that “In Love” will never be….

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2 Responses to Lust and Love

  1. wickedeasy says:

    when i was young and a survivor of rape – i used sex as a weapon

    i like to think i’ve gotten past that….but i do realize that it is often used for other than pleasure

    hugs sis



    • Rosa says:

      Hugs back sister-friend I hope you are warm and well tonight. So many are not….

      I once used sex as a weapon and as a tool to garner the Love I did not have for myself.

      No more. It’s too painful.

      Love you!



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