Heart Songs

Speak to me your heart

in joy or sadness.

Speak to me your heart

of hopes and fears.

Speak to me your heart,

not in a discordant key

of ambivalence

or uncaring,

but in the tones

of passionate emotion

ringing true.

Speak to me what is real.

Speak to me what is you.

Speak to me your heart songs,

and you will hear mine too…

*To Scott & Gene for our Never-Ending Conversations, Support, Unconditional Love and Friendship, Mirrors and Soul Mates, Wine, Laughter, and Tears; in short, for  including me in all aspects of your Lives.  I am, Forever Blessed.*

Previously published 21 December 2009.

It is gratitude that compels me to move this to the top once again.

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2 Responses to Heart Songs

  1. Rosa says:

    Of course you may. That brings me joy we, that this touches you someway and too, you think it will touch another.

    thought I pasted the link in your post of (make like maynard b krebbs)

    *kisses* Oui

    alternately go this way: Groups > World > USA > Illinois > Chicago & Vicinity


  2. wickedeasy says:

    rosa – may i send this along to someone?

    and how the hell do i find the enigmatics – i’ve tried and tried



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