intrinsic beauty

I don’t need


of perfume,



that make girls swoon.

I need a shell,

a rock

and jade,

the moon

and stars,

those things

don’t fade…..

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4 Responses to intrinsic beauty

  1. tobeme says:

    Very nice! Interesting how are needs change as we move along our journey.


  2. Wow…the new look is very nice and there’s lots to see here..I’ll have to set aside some time to linger and look. Sending you hugs!


    • Rosa says:

      I decided I needed something new and fresh. Tired of the old look.
      Kind of like me these days….
      I am having lots of fun with this theme in terms of being better organized.
      Lots of features. Learning A lot. Check out the journal entries.
      It suits me to have it this way.
      Obviously not finished. Need to finish the sidebar and tweak it too…..transferring picked up my previous CSS edits…need to fix that and find my header photo too…..
      Really good to see you here!




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