Girly, Girl Stuff

One of the few girly, girl things I do on a regular basis is to take care of my feet and hands.   Love going for a manicure or pedicure.  At the least, my toes are *always* painted.  Not always my nails-gardening does a real job on them-but I try as often as possible to keep them up.

Lately I’ve been having trouble keeping nail polish on because it chips from the stress of typing all the time even tho my nails are not particularly long.   On a whim, I stopped the other day to have a polish change.  Ten bucks at the local chop, chop nail salon.  It looked ok when she was done although the top coat she used turned this luscious shade of deep red, slightly purple.  Oh well, I’ll live.  Well by the time I got home 45 minutes later, every nail had millions of little bubbles…..ARGGGGGG.  For Fucks Sake.  Now I’m really annoyed and I am not driving 25 miles round trip with even more time out of my day, to have them redone.

Sooooo….on to the net to find out what the deal was with the bubbles, and how I can do  the job at home a bit better, and in the process found this fantastic new product.  Well, new to me anyway.  It’s a dry nail color.  Peel and stick.  Supposed to stay on for about 2 weeks (depending of course).  Considering I can’t keep polish on for a mere week anyway, what the hell.

I found some at Walgreens  in a nice bright,fire engine red (I call it “Whore Red”), for the grand total of 6.99 plus tax.  *laughing*  No Shit Sherlock, in twenty minutes, I have a full set of not just great, but  professional looking nails (I have natural nails).  The polish strips are thin and a bit stretchy (like colored plastic wrap with a sticky back) and come off with regular polish remover. What could be better? Or quicker.  Or less messy?

Wow!  Wow!  Wow! I am in nail heaven.

The product is INCOCO Dry Nail Applique.   Google it.  They have tons of colors on the web, but fewer in Walgreens.  Check it out if you want a quick set of delicious looking nails.

End of Infomercial.

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2 Responses to Girly, Girl Stuff

  1. Rosa says:

    Not sure-it doesn’t have a perceptible odor nor is it very sticky at all. It does however, stay put.
    Make no mistake tho. This is a layer of base coat, nail polish and top coat. You just aren’t dealing with the fumes or liquids.
    Personally, I limit exposure to toxins in other ways. I guess it comes down to what we can tolerate, or what we are willing to. For me, this one is small compared to the high amounts of naturally occurring radium and uranium where I live.
    Calculated risk? Rationalization? Perhaps…..


  2. Greenwoman says:

    I don’t do my nails because of the toxicity of the substances they put in it…but I really wish I could. I wonder what the glue is like?



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