7 going on 30

Well, I wish you were going to be here Friday night, your could dress me for my date.

What are you wearing?

(Shows her low cut white sweater)

Ohhh…that’s nice!

Yeah, Your dad likes this one too.

What skirt are you wearing?

Skirt? No skirt. Low cut jeans.

Oh. Well that’s fine – IF you are going on a date with an OLD HIPPIE.
*BLINK* *BLINK* (she tosses her head as if to say….really now, what a ridiculous idea. And he’s howling with laughter-he knows I’m seeing Gene Friday night. He’s met Gene. He knows he IS an OLD HIPPIE. I grab his book and turn it over to show her his picture)

This is his picture and he IS an OLD HIPPIE. Hey, at least I’m wearing heels. Wanna see?
(He is still howling with laughter).

Ohhhh…those are beee-you-tee-ful!. I like these. But you need a skirt.

Something in Leather?
(I chuckling thinking she won’t get it. He is still laughing and choking on…”old Hippie”, “old Hippie”)

OHHH….Leather is nice! Something short. Black would work.

I suppose you want to see my underwear too?
(Slight sarcasm).

(I show her the white corset bra which is what I am planning on wearing).

Oh. You have anything *else*?
*sighs* (I pull down my shirt to show her the blue satin push up bra)

OHHHHHH….I like that!

I have one like this with white with lace on the sides.

Good, wear that one.
*blink* (We go back in the kitchen where he is looking on and still laughing at this whole exchange)

I want that kind of stuff when I grow up.
(Now I’m chuckling because he is shaking his head and making comments about how money she is going to cost him)

Well, you better be studying hard in school so you can get a good job and pay for all this. This one was $40 and the other was $50. That’s *just* to hold up these two little boobs, sweetie.

Ok, I will be a Surgeon. That ought to do it.
She grins happily at the thought of money *and* real lingerie.

OH For Fucks Sake. She’s 7. S.E.V.E.N. years old.
She could dress a Rhino to look like a Princess.
So…..we’re going shopping Saturday.
I can’t take her to VS. Might cause problems with her Mother.
Yah, gotta try to remember she’s only 7. Even if she doesn’t sound like 7, lol.
She’ll probably score a new dress out of it, and I think she knows it.
But I’m letting her dress me from now on.

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2 Responses to 7 going on 30

  1. Rosa says:

    I’m still shaking my head over this one. Can’t say if I am more annoyed at the comments over my choice in lingerie for the evening or that she actually thought it was beyond anyone to date an OLD HIPPIE. At lest she is honest and she does have amazing taste in clothing. At 7 she is the biggest Girly, Girl I’ve even known. And her father is right, she is going to cost plenty in the years to come.


  2. Greenwoman says:


    That’s priceless and precious. I am so glad you wrote this one…something to put in the memory books! *grins*



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